The Micromill line of small log processors are the affordable option to efficiently produce merchantable lumber from small logs.

Worldwide environmental and economic pressures have led wood processing industries to recognize the potential of smaller logs. The challenges of handling and processing small logs inspired the development of Micromill’s mobile small log processor. It can deal with small stems and treetops close to the source allowing finished products to leave the harvesting area instead of transporting the waste that comes with round wood.

Designed to process 25,000 to 100,000m³ per year, Micromill processors are suitable for small and medium size operations. They are also viable as a satellite mill for larger companies interested in pre-processing small logs remotely.

Micromill’s modular design makes assembly and breakdown very simple and allows frequent re-location with minimum downtime. The mill is built in to a standard size shipping container ensuring portability and eliminating the need for buildings. It can be equipped to be completely self reliant freeing operation from utilities and infrastructure.

Environmental conditions such as bug kill and forest fire burn areas represent unique opportunities for the robust, self reliant system. Micromill Operators can take advantage of the short term fibre supply while avoiding contamination elsewhere.