Micromill produces cants and/or dimensional lumber from logs with or without bark in a single pass.

The core of each Micromill is the compact saw box containing the unique chipping head configuration. The two stage system combines a four head chipping process with double arbor rip sawing. The proprietary chipping head design accommodates both a saw ring and finishing knife configuration. This unique ability allows the mill to be easily adapted to different fibre sources.

State of the art hydraulic cylinders, with integrated Temposonics, position the chipping heads through operator input. A central console controls and monitors all critical functions of the system from one location. Programable pre-sets allow the operator to change head settings on the fly with the push of a single button.

Minimizing maintenance cost was an important consideration in the design of the mill. Good accessibility, clean layout of components and user-friendly manuals contribute to efficiency in servicing the machine. Every aspect of Micromill’s manufacturing ensures precision and consistent high quality.

The solid construction of the entire unit maintains accurate performance and reliable operation under harsh conditions.