The Micromill/Hamech Pole Rounder takes tree tops and other small wood, that would normally be left in the bush, and processes them in to round dowel with a high quality surface finish. The dowels can be used for fence posts, agricultural stakes, furniture components, architectural components like railings etc.

The Pole Rounder processes wood with or without bark, it will accept logs up to 7.5 inches in diameter and produces finished sizes of 1.6 to 5.5 inches. Logs are fed into the machine, automatically centered, by three sets of independently controlled infeed rolls. The infeed rolls and centering arms are made of heavy cast material to ensure long life even under the most demanding conditions. The notched and knurled design of the rolls provides maximum control. Independent air cylinders activate the first two rolls which are photo eye controlled, allowing simple and quick feeding. The machine is compact and sturdy making it easy to move and set up close to the source of material.

By adding the Micromill/Hamech Pointer and Top Chamfering Machine the pole rounder can be expanded into a complete fence post production system.